2022 R Webinar Resources: Analyzing Census Data Using R

Webinar Descriptions

March 10, 2022, Analyzing 2020 Census data with R and tidycensus, In this workshop, participants will be introduced to the tidycensus R package for working with US Census Bureau data. Tidycensus allows R users to swiftly access custom extracts of decennial Census and American Community Survey data and formats it for analysis with R’s tidyverse suite of packages. Participants will learn the basics of tidycensus; how to summarize and explore Decennial Census data with tidyverse tools; and how to create informative Census data visualizations in R. No prior experience with R is required, and analysts new to R are welcomed!

March 18, 2022, Making maps of 2020 Census data with R, This workshop will introduce participants to tools for spatial data analysis and GIS in R with applied examples using 2020 Decennial Census data. Participants will learn how to perform common GIS tasks in R and make both static and interactive maps with the 2020 Census. The workshop will cover R’s sf package for spatial data; the tigris and tidycensus packages for Census geographic data; and mapping with tools like ggplot2, Leaflet, and Mapbox. No prior experience with R’s spatial tools is required for this workshop – the only requirement is a curiosity about maps and spatial data!

March 25, 2022, Using the new 2016-20 American Community Survey estimates in R, In this workshop, participants will use the tidycensus R package to analyze new 2016-2020 American Community Survey estimates. Due to low response rates, the US Census Bureau delayed release of the 2020 five-year estimates until March 2022. Participants can explore fresh data while learning about tidyverse tools and data visualization in R. The workshop requires no prior experience with R’s spatial tools – only interest in the results of the American Community Survey.

Webinar Resources

  • Webinar Slides from March 10 , March 18 , and March 25 , which include code to copy-and-paste during webinar session
  • Participants who are new to R can use RStudio Cloud  which is pre-configured with an API key and all packages installed. Note: Participants who joined our previous workshops and used RStudio Cloud will want to generate a new project from the link provided as this has new packages installed and new code.
  • Participants who are comfortable with R and Git should clone the repository  to their computers and get a Census API key , then activate the key from their email.

Recorded Webinar Sessions

10 Mar – Webinar – Analyzing 2020 Census data with R and tidycensus

18 Mar – Webinar – Making maps of 2020 Census data with R

25 Mar – Webinar – Using the New 2016-20 American Community Survey Estimates in R


Mar 10 - 25 2022


11:00 am - 2:00 pm

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