The Allyn & Bacon Social Atlas of the United States

As we move onward into the twenty-first cenutry, America continues to be a major player in the new global economy. With technological advances and new immigration flows, we are a vital, vibrant nation facing new opportunities and challenges. Yet this new richness and variety is not evenly spread across the country. An national snapshot belies considerable geogaphic variation in the social structure that is evolving across states, regions, and urban and rural areas.

We are a nation constantly in flux. It is this dynamic picture of our social change that is graphically portrayed in The Allyn & Bacon Social Atlas of the United States. In its pages, we identify tyhe most salient trends in the fields of demographics, economics, health, politics, criminal justice, and the environment. We illustrate these trends in bold relief throuhg eye-catching charts and vivid maps. And, in addition to these mega-trends, we present some less well known -often countering conventional wisdoms – selected to provide insights into the myriad changes our society is undergoing.

In The Allyn & Bacon Social Atlas of the United States you will learn:

  • How big is the gap between America’s rich and the poor?
  • How are racial and ethnic minorities faring compared to white Americans?
  • Who are our newest immigrants, and where are they settling?
  • How well are we protecting our environment and precious natural resources?

With colorful maps and graphs, and descriptive text, The Allyn & Bacon Social Atlas of the United States offers a compelling picture of the most important demographic features and trends in American society today.

William H. Frey, one of the leading demographers in the world, is a faculty member of the University of Michigan Population Studies Center; founder of the Social Science Data Analysis Network; and a Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C.

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