Partners and Projects


SSDAN has been involved in collaborative projects with:

Current Projects

Programs in the Population Sciences
(aka Using the ACS to Introduce Demographic Approaches in Undergraduate Courses)

Programs in the Population Sciences (PiPS)  offers a central point where undergraduate students interested in pursuing graduate studies or careers in the population sciences can find information and connect with others.

Course, Curriculum and Laboratory Improvement (CCLI)
The Course, Curriculum and Laboratory Improvement project will build upon the current success of SSDAN and the ICPSR  to transform teaching in the social science by infusing quantitative literacy through the curriculum and providing undergraduates active experience with the most advanced social science data.  This project will help to reduce the “quantitative reasoning gap” between what students learn in early courses and the importance of empirical research in the social sciences.

American Community Survey CensusScope “Hot Reports”
Using the DataFerrett Hot Reports technology, SSDAN will utilize new American Community Survey (ACS) data to create a dynamic page highlighting social and demographic trends for CensusScope.  These pages will display ACS data in visual, interactive formats to engage users with new Census Bureau data.

CensusScope is an easy-to-use tool for investigating U.S. demographic trends. With eye-catching graphics and exportable trend data, CensusScope is designed for both generalists and specialists.  CensusScope was originally developed in 2001 following the early releases of Census 2000 data, but the site is undergoing an update in preparation for Census 2010 and American Community Survey data.

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