Variable Details

EducALL0-9YrsPersons who have completed 0-9 years of schoolingEducAll = 0
EducALL10-12YrsPersons who have completed 10-12 years of schooling but have not graduated from high school13 <= SCHL <= 15
EducALLHSGradHigh school diploma, GED, or equivalent16 <= SCHL <= 17
EducALLSomeCollPersons who have completed some years of college but have not graduated or who have attained an Associate degree but not a Bachelor’s degree18 <= SCHL <= 20
EducALLCollGradCompleted a degree from any post-secondary educational institution with 2-year, 4-year or advanced degrees, including colleges, universities and graduate programsSCHL = 21
EducALLProfessionalPersons who have completed a professional school degree(MD,DDS,DDM,LLB,JD)SCHL = 22
EducALLMastersPersons who have MA, MS, Med, MSW, MBA, or other similar degreeSCHL = 23
EducALLPhD-ProfPersons who have completed a terminal degree in their field (PhD,EdD)SCHL = 24