Race and Poverty in the United States

Susanne Morgan, Ithaca College
Learning Goals

After using this module, students will gain skills in:_x000D_
Using software to access and analyze census data_x000D_
To learn to identify variables and to read marginals, and a crosstab table percentaged_x000D_
in two directions._x000D_
To give beginning practice writing about data._x000D_
To provide a brief homework assignment beginning to graphically illustrate data._x000D_
To use collaborative learning techniques._x000D_
To clarify common misperceptions about the racial distributions in the US population

Context for Use

This exercise was developed for use in a introductory sociology course. Students will use data to look at racial groups and income/poverty in the United States._x000D_

Description and Teaching Materials

Exercises PDF: http://ssdan.net/sites/default/files/exercises_pdf_0.01154800.pdf_x000D_
Exercises Doc: http://ssdan.net/sites/default/files/exercises_doc_0.11828000.doc_x000D_
Instructor’s Guide PDF: http://ssdan.net/sites/default/files/instructors_guide_pdf_0.21121900.p…_x000D_
Intructor’s Guide Doc: http://ssdan.net/sites/default/files/instructors_guide_doc_0.26818500.d…



In this module, students will take a look at race and poverty in the United States in an attempt to determine the relationship between the two. Variables such as age and household type will be taken into consideration.
Teaching Notes and Tips

This activity uses a customized data set made from the 2005 Current Populations Survey and guides students through data manipulation using WebCHIP software found at DataCounts!. To open WebCHIP with the dataset for the activity, please see instructions and links in the exercise documents under teaching materials. For more information on how to use WebCHIP, see the How To section on DataCounts!

References and Resources