Integrating Data Into the Curriculum: Qualitative Data Experience


Barbara Risman, North Carolina State University

Learning Goals


After using this module, students will gain skills in:

  • Learning about survey methodology and sampling methods
  • Forming testable hypotheses using qualitative data
  • Quantitative writing
  • Translating data findings to inform decision making
Context for Use

This exercise was designed for a sociology course. Students will evaluate and analyze hypotheses using qualitative data they collect through an interview process.

Description and Teaching Materials

With this assignment, students will experience the thrill of "doing" sociology rather than just reading sociological findings.

Teaching Notes and Tips

This activity students identify variables and hypotheses about gender and family to create an interview schedule and collect their own qualitative data.

References and Resources

Coltrane, Scott. Gender and Families. AltaMira Press, 1997.