Education and Children in the United States

Kathy Rowell, Sinclair Community College
Learning Goals

After the completion of this module, the learner should be able to:_x000D_
State a hypothesis_x000D_
Explore and Examine the relationships between various indicators in KIDS COUNT data_x000D_
Use KIDS COUNT data to make a scatterplot and rank data._x000D_
Interpret data presented in both table and graphic form._x000D_
Define the various indicators(variables) used in the module_x000D_
Discuss the relationship between the dropout and other indicators in the United States and Ohio._x000D_
Discuss the relationship between education and other social problems in the United States._x000D_
Demonstrate critical thinking skills and use of the sociological imagination.

Context for Use

This exercise was designed for a sociology course. In this, the student explores high-school drop out rates and compares the data between national rates and those in Ohio.

Description and Teaching Materials…_x000D_…


Teaching Notes and Tips

This activity uses the charts, rankings and maps on KidsCount. KidsCount is an easy-to-use tool to investigate U.S. trends using census data._x000D_

References and Resources