Changing Family Forms in the US from 1970-2010

Sandra M. Florian, University of Southern California
Learning Goals

Substantive- Learn how to describe households and families using demographic and socioeconomic terms._x000D_
Examine trends in changes in family forms of Americans from 1970 to 2010._x000D_
Profiling own family in demographic and socioeconomic terms and compare it with U.S. averages._x000D_
Use sociological perspective and sociological research to provide relevant explanations for these events and characteristics._x000D_
Make some predictions for future families in the U.S. and for own family members using sociological theories and empirical findings from lecture and class readings._x000D_
Methodology/Skills- Using data to tell a story._x000D_
Learn how to read and interpret graphs and tables displaying frequencies and percentages._x000D_
Use charts and tables to identify patterns._x000D_
Improve student’s confidence in reading and discussing data from tables and graphs._x000D_

This module introduces students to recent trends in households and family forms, and provides data to examine how family types differ by class and race/ethnicity.