Attitudes Towards Premarital Sex

Tracy Dietz, University of Central Florida
Learning Goals

Learning about survey methodology and sampling methods_x000D_
Using software to access and analyze census data_x000D_
Identifying independent and dependent variables_x000D_
Learning how to construct, read, and interpret bivariate tables displaying frequencies and percentages_x000D_
Using real world data to enhance and support key course concepts_x000D_
Use survey data to understand attitudes toward premarital sex and learn how to analyze data tables to discover demographic trends.

Context for Use

This activity is used in a General Sociology class for undergraduate students. This activity looks attitudes towards premarital sex in the U.S. by race, sex, age, political party and education.

Description and Teaching Materials

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This exercise asses students' knowledge about attitudes towards premarital sex.
Teaching Notes and Tips

This activity uses General Social Survey data provided on the Wadsworth Publishing Company website. See instructions in the exercise documents under teaching materials to open the data analyzer.

References and Resources

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