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2018 Summer Workshop

In June 2018, SSDAN hosted 15 faculty and future faculty from various disciplines to learn about the American Community Survey and how to integrate analysis of its data into undergraduate courses.


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Webinar: Exploring Census Data - Hidden Gems

As part of the 'Exploring Census Data Webinar Series,' the Census Bureau’s subject matter experts will provide practical ways to use their unique, hidden gems data from multiple business programs.... more

Webinar: Utilizing 'OnTheMap'

The Census Bureau's Census Academy will host a webinar regarding OnTheMap for Emergency Management, a public data tool that provides an intuitive web-based interface for accessing U.S. population and... more

Webinar: Using Census Data to Develop Highway Access Measures

The US Census Bureau is combining census data with OpenStreetMap data to develop highway access measures. The Bureau and the Local Employment Dynamics (LED) Partnership in collaboration with the... more

Webinar: Business Data Update on the Economic Census

The Census Bureau is giving an update on the largest of business programs conducted by the Bureau, namely the Economic Census for the Finance and Insurance Sector. The status of the release of the... more

Webinar: U.S. Census Bureau Geography: Tracts

On April 22, 2020, the Census Bureau is presenting on the origins of the Census Tract; how it evolved into its present-day form, how it is used, and what types of data are applied at tract level.... more