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Data in the News is part of, a portal of teaching and learning resources for infusing quantitative literacy into the social science curriculum in both K-12 and post-secondary education settings. Here, we highlight current events and news articles and the data they reference.


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Using in the Classroom

Recording from May 22, 2017 Webinar PDF of webinar slides. Programs in Population Sciences (PIPS) will host a webinar presenting on how to use the resources from in the... more

Data in the News: Do Americans Understand Taxes?

NPR recently administered a poll to American citizens. It tested their knowledge and opinion of the US tax system. The questions included: About what percent of working Americans have zero or... more

Still looking for a summer internship?

Be sure to check out our Programs in the Population Sciences website (click here)! Programs in the Population Sciences (PiPS) offers a central point where undergraduate students interested in... more

Data in the News: Why the Recall?

The Guardian has recently released data to help consumers tackle one frightening issue: product recalls. Many young adults can remember the great E Coli scare that left our supermarket shelves... more

Frey: Census shows a revival of pre-recession migration flows

SSDAN Director William Frey recently wrote about changes in migration flows for The Avenue, a Brookings Institution blog. The full text can be found here. Recently released census population... more