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Data in the News is part of, a portal of teaching and learning resources for infusing quantitative literacy into the social science curriculum in both K-12 and post-secondary education settings. Here, we highlight current events and news articles and the data they reference.


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Data Gems: Measuring Race and Ethnicity Across the Decades from 1790 to 2010

Discover how race and ethnicity data were collected for each Census year since 1790 through this historical overview infographic. Across decades, the U.S. Census Bureau has been collecting these data... more

Data Gems: How to Create A Business Data Report

​Want to start a business or grow your existing business? It's easy and quick to generate a business report about your potential customers and other businesses like yours for your area or a new... more

Data Gems: How to Find Census Data Visualization

Whether you are looking for data visualization about veterans, income, or race, the Census Bureau has a library of data visualizations that you can use to enhance your project. Check it out and use... more

Data Gems: How to Access Voting and Registration Statistics

Discover how to access voting and registration statistics for your state using our Voting Hot Reports. These reports will give you stats on voting and registration for every election year since 1996... more

Data Gems: How to Access an American Community Survey Data Profile about Your Community

Learn how to Access an ACS Data Profile about your community with the Census Bureau here. This video is one of a series of short video tutorials called ‘Data Gems.’ Data Gems are purposed for you to... more