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Programs in the Population Sciences (PiPS) offers a central point where undergraduate students interested in pursuing graduate studies or careers in the population sciences can find information and connect with others.


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DOJ pushes for Citizenship Question on 2020 Census Forms

On December 12th, the Department of Justice wrote a letter to the Census Bureau asking the Bureau to put a question of citizenship status for every member of a household on the 2020 census form, on... more

MLK Day Statistics

In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day on January 15th, the US Census Bureau has released data highlighting African-American statistics. You can see more infographics and data here.

Data in the News: America, Now an Outlier on Driving Deaths

America is now an outlier on driving deaths, with rates 40% higher than countries like Canada and Australia. More people in the U.S. die from car crashes than gun violence, and the U.S. has done less... more

Dec 15th: Local Update of Census Addresses Operations (LUCA) Deadline

Where do you live? In July 2017, the U.S. Census Bureau mailed invitation letters and registration forms to approximately 39,000 tribal, state and local governments across the nation to encourage... more

Data in the News: Supply, Demand, and Death Rates

A New York Times article has supportedĀ the claim that a strong economy can lead to high mortality rates. This compilation of research looks at data on joblessness and mortality rates in the US andĀ ... more