Census and ACS in the Classroom -- Population Association of America Session

April 6, 2022 -- Census and ACS in the Classroom: A Virtual Workshop for College Professors

  • William H. Frey, Social Science Data Analysis Network, SSDAN.net
  • Mark Mather, Population Reference Bureau, PRB.org
  • Andrew Beveridge, Queens College and Social Explorer, SocialExplorer.com

Workshop Resources

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Recorded Webinar Sessions

This workshop will focus on how professors can integrate the analysis of US Census and American Community Survey (ACS) data in relevant, user-friendly ways in such courses as Intro Sociology, Social Problems, Stratification, Race Relations, the Family, Sociology of Aging, Population, and more. Participants will learn about the Social Science Data Analysis Network (SSDAN) directed by Professor Frey at the University of Michigan. Related supplemental material on Census and population topics produced by Population Reference Bureau (PRB) will also be presented by Dr. Mather of PRB. Finally, Professor Andrew Beveridge will demonstrate and provide hands on training for the popular Census and ACS interactive data and mapping tool, Social Explorer.

The workshop will begin with an overview of the SSDAN project and data analysis materials. Brief tutorials on the easy-to-use Datacounts and CensusScope.org software tools will follow, with examples drawn from existing U.S. Census and ACS access tools. Participants can learn how their students can conduct analyses of pre-tailored 1950-2010 Census, and 2015-2019 ACS data using the online Datacounts software as well as the PRB and US Census Bureau Websites

Dr. Mather of the Population Reference Bureau will introduce participants to several of PRB’s most popular classroom products, publications, and website applications related to the Census, ACS and topics that can be taught using these data

Professor Beveridge will introduce participants to the features of Social Explorer though a demonstration and hands-on training. Social Explorer has received recognition as a Webby Award Honoree for Education and as an Outstanding Reference Source Award from the Reference and User Services Association.