Census Bureau Examines Audience Segments for the 2020 Census


The U.S. Census Bureau has released the 2020 Census Predictive Models and Audience Segmentation Report. The report explains the Census Bureau’s predictions and understandings of how people might self-respond to the 2020 Census in a three-fold manner: the research, groupings, and final tract-level audience segmentation strategy. The research on modeling and segmentation to offer self-response predictions is explained in detail, along with psychographic mindsets which are groupings of people according to their attitudes and beliefs, based upon results of the 2020 Census Barriers, Attitudes, and Motivators Study Survey. 

The Census Bureau will use this research to create tailored messages, craft creative materials, and to identify efficiencies when determining where and when to allocate advertising. Households will be able to respond to the 2020 Census online, by phone, or by mail.

Read the report here or read more about the Bureau's preparation efforts here.