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Control By

Once you create a Crosstab, you will also be given a chance to introduce a control variable for more detailed analysis. The remaining variables will be displayed in the box beside the control by button. First, select the variable or variables you wish to control by. After, click the "Control by" button. Then, click the "Crosstab" button again and multiple tables (one per category of the control variable) will be displayed in the WebCHIP workspace. You will need to use the scrollbars to see all of your data.

In this example, you can see that while almost 93 percent of Latinos age 0-4 are native born, among Latinos 15-24 years old, only about 56% are native born.

To release the control variables, simply deselect any highlighted control variables and press the Control by button. Then click Crosstab to make a table without any controls.

control by


Above: The Control By button and possible variables age and gender. Click on the image to see the results that WebCHIP will display.

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