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About WebCHIP


CHIP is the tool of choice for educators who are looking to give their students "hands-on" experience investigating demographic data. By using this software, teachers get an easy, flexible tool for introducing students to aspects of social change. CHIP software is designed by ZetaData Software and used in conjuction with SSDAN datasets.

WebCHIP, the primary focus of DataCounts!, runs over the Internet and requires no installation disks or CD-ROMs. The same application runs on both Windows and Macintosh platforms, so no platform-specific instructions are required. Since the user runs the program directly from the Web, the version is always up to date, current and available to anyone with an internet connection.

To make CHIP software even more dynamic, downloadable versions of this software, called StudentCHIP, have been adapted for both Windows and Macintosh computers for those times when you might not have internet accessibility. We offer a free trial download of StudentCHIP so that educators can test the software to see how it might fit into their classes. If you would like to use the software in a classroom setting, please consult ZetaData Software for a site license.

WebCHIP and StudentCHIP are so intuitive that a little practice and some time spent with our web-based tutorials are all that is needed to launch you into the world of data analysis. Click DATA on the navigation bar to begin using WebCHIP or click HOW TO for an introduction on how to use this software.

You can download a trial version of StudentCHIP here.

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